Sweet Home Alabama

Alabama…home to Forrest Gump, Milo’s sweet tea, and one of the nation’s biggest college football rivalries. Every fall the entire nation enjoys the thrills of college football. In Alabama, the enjoyment never ends. Every day is an opportunity to wear every piece of Alabama or Auburn paraphernailia available. Fans own purses, socks, caps, t-shirts, shoes, underwear, pajamas, checkbooks, bumper stickers, tire covers, license plates, and car flags. Some fans go so far as to name their children “War Eagle” or “Roll Tide.” Alabama may be located in the Bible belt but religion finishes a distant second in priorities around here.
Football fever is so rampant around here that our local ESPN station didn’t even survive. One cold Monday morning recently I awoke to find my ESPN station was gone without even so much as a goodbye. Rumors are flying around here but I tend to believe the station died here because it did not cover enough college football and when I say college football I mean Alabama and Auburn football. The station played my favorite ESPN shows including Mike & Mike and the Dan Patrick show. In the summer, it was committed to playing our minor league baseball team’s (the Huntsville Stars) games. Obviously, there was just not enough football on our radio station. I am going through sports radio withdrawals right now.

It would be an understatement to say that Major League Baseball is not a priority in our state. There are some loyal Atlanta Braves fans here but that is basically it. For example, in the fall I went to a sports bar to watch an American League Championship game. There were dozens of t.v.s around but not a single one of them was showing a baseball game. We asked our waitress to change just one of them and the idea was so repulsive to her that she said there was no way for her to change a channel. We were so angry that we didn’t even order any food. How could they call themselves a sports bar and then refuse to show an ALCS game? It was disgraceful.

Needless to say, it is difficult for the baseball fans around here. I am a Red Sox fan, my husband is a Tigers fan, my father-in-law is a Royals fan, my best friends are Yankees and Astros fans. Guess what? We all get along. One of my best friends is a Yankees fan and we can actually be in the same room without killing each other. Only in Alabama could such a thing happen.



  1. Kellia

    //I am a Red Sox fan,… One of my best friends is a Yankees fan and we can actually be in the same room without killing each other. Only in Alabama could such a thing happen.//

    Safety in numbers.

    Welcome. Here we talk baseball right thru the bowl season.


    Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes


  2. tswechtenberg@gmail.com

    yankee fan here transplanted to bama a couple of years ago…it’s nice to know there are other MLB fans here..even sox fans
    Mike 🙂

  3. Coral

    I sympathize with you. I have yet to meet a Padres fan here who knows that Chris Young almost became a basketball star…..


    Check out my blog.


  4. redsoxdownunder

    Diehard Redsox fan that went to Auburn in search of some other redsox fans in Alabama!!! Moved back to alabama 4 years ago unfortunately right before we won the World Series, and have to watch my beloved redsox on my own all of the time!!

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