Derek Jeter Smells Good

Strange things happened to me today. First, I met a baseball fan. As I mentioned in my last blog, this is out of the ordinary for me. She said she was a Braves fan. Her husband, however, is an Orioles fan. I thought this was great! The conversation started out very pleasant but evolved into a very strange one. She mentioned that she sells Avon products. She said Avon has changed its image and is no longer just for old people. To prove her point, she told me that Derek Jeter is now a spokesman for a new Avon product. She went on to describe the photograph of Jeter. It featured a blue background that brought out his “beautiful eye color.” Obviously, this woman loves the Jeter. Unfortunately, most of my female friends watch baseball to enjoy its many sights, which include Derek Jeter. This, however, is not what disturbed me. What I want to know is: since when is Avon trendy? My grandmother sold Avon and she was, well, old. Does it necessarily follow that just because Derek Jeter endorses Avon that Avon is therefore cool? I’m not sure. I can only hope that Derek Jeter smells good.



  1. brnxbomb2

    That’s hilarious…I guess having Jeter endorse it is intended to make it cool, but I have to say, even as huge a Yankee Fan as I am, I couldnt bring myself to wear Derek Jeter cologne, or some other Avon product…I can only hope Jeter smells good, and for $20 Million per year I can only assume he does!

    Feel free to check me out at The Bronx Bomb,

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